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A Special Marriott Ranch Wedding Story

 My love for horses started at a very young age. I always knew I wanted to be a Cowgirl. My grandfather always provided me with a four leggged friend and introduced me to the sport of barrel racing. At a very young age, I was asked to demonstrate my cowgirl skills at Marriott Ranch for a group of guests enjoying a Western Themed evening.

I fell in love with this majestic, Virignia, Ranch filled with horses, cattle and well maincured rolling pastures. I never dreamed I would one day work here. The beauty of this breathtaking place entered my mind over the years.

My mind always traveled to the West and the ranching lifestyle. After college, I headed out on an adventure to Oklahoma . My friends invited me to stay at their horse farm. Here, I tried to learn all I could about horses, barrel racing and roping. During this time, my dear friend to this day, Lorena introduced me to this larger than life, cowboy named, Bill that was attending the team roping. I was intriguied with his story telling abilities and his natural ability to make people laugh and listen! He was also amazed by my passion for horses and independence. Bill was persistent in landing a date. After many calls, I finally said yes! We have been on a fast moving train with many travels ever since our first encounter.

We spent a few years in Oklahoma until my dad asked if we would consider helping him with his riding stable business in Cacapon State Park. We decided to move back east to assist. The winter months often found us closed due to the northeast weather conditions.The former Marriott Ranch Barn Manager had met my husband on occasion at local horse events. He realized he was an accomplished ranch hand and roper. The Marriott Ranch then had a stocker cattle operation.  There were escaped strays on neighboring properties. The Barn Manager asked my husband if might be able to assist. Bill agreed to look things over and decided he could master the task at hand. It was just a few days until all the stray steers were captured. 

The Ranch General Manager , Jerry Cooper was  impressed and intriguied by this real life cowboy and offered Bill full time work eighteen years ago. We moved into ranch housing and it wasn't unitl a few years later that I was hired as the first ranch administrative assistant. Jerry and Kim Cooper also lived on the ranch at this time with their four young children: Skyler, Michael, Dannielle and Samantha. We all became family very quickly as we lived through the joys and struggles of ranch life. The Cooper children grew up quickly and have now started their own lives and successful careers.

The oldest Cooper daughter, Dani also shares my love for horses and is an accomplished rider. She became engaged and held the rustic, ranch style, wedding this past June at Marriott Ranch. Her one wedding request was that a horse be present. Kim and Jerry asked if I could assist in answering this request and of course I said yes! It really hit me on her wedding day, how special this day was for  Dani, The Cooper Family and The Moss family.

Angels are brought into our lives for various reasons. The Cooper Family recognized our love of horses and the Western Lifestyle that provided us with unbelieveable opportunity.It was an honor to provide their oldest daughter, Dani with a horse on her wedding day and support her passion for horses.