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Inspiration from Wedding Wire's Cheif Marketing Officer

 A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues invited me to attend a networking event hosted by The Association of Wedding Planners. After reviewing the flyer, I agreed to attend as the topic was one of my favorites, Marketing.

We arrived at the well decorated ball room and were greeted by welcoming staff with adult beverages and appetizers. I knew it was going to be a memorable evening. As we took our seats, the guest speaker was introduced as Mr. Sonny Ganguly, Chief Marketing Officer for Wedding Wire.

My focus has primarily been to corporate sector of business. The other two ranch colleagues focus on weddings and social events and had made me aware of Wedding Wire as the ranch has recieved positive feedback from brides. Other industry professionals are buzzing about the Wedding supersite as well. I now have a much better appreciation and understanding for Wedding Wire and their success.

Mr. Ganguly's resume includes a brilliant marketing past from Kraft Foods and Wal Mart, both very thriving businesses. His marketing plan always catered to young women in there 20's-30's adding to the tremendous growth of Wedding Wire.

The speech offered insights on how our society will conduct business five years from now in a much more mobilized atmosphere. Social Media will continue to grow and increase business if managed properly. It was reassuring to hear that a  combination of website mangement, social media engagement and mobilization was the path to future business growth.

I couldn't stop thinking on the two hour drive home on how to improve! This motivation is powerful and a true inspiration.