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Red Barns of Marriott Ranch

I've always been fascinated with old barns, especially red ones. My childhood days were spent on my grandfather's farm making hay and doing all the chores that came with farm living. There was a huge red barn that served as a riding stable located on highly traveled country road. Neighbors and traveling visitiors always stopped in to chat and tell stories. My parents had to call and make me come home. I often hear the saying, "Born in a Barn" and that has an entirely different meaning. In my lifetime, more time has been spent in a barn than in a house.

Many years later found me working at Marriott Ranch and still spending time in the barn. I wanted to share one of my favorite views that includes both red barns at the ranch. Driving past these barns always reminds me of the times I shared with my grandfather on the farm. If these barns could talk they would have quite a story to tell.

Photo by Stephanie Thimons